The ONE question; transparency & wireless service; 29 enhancements; the hacking opportunity; website haters. Today’s #FridayFive!

FridayFiveToday marks the 2nd Friday of 2015. My, how time flies!

I’ve rounded up several articles from this week (5 to be exact, surprise surprise) for some thought-provoking reading as we head into the weekend.

T-Mobile’s Transparent Communications Connect With Customers – Forrester

Anyone LOOOOOOVE their wireless phone carrier? No? Maybe we’ll be able to say that about T-Mobile soon…

Wait – there are still 33% of US online adults that don’t have a smartphone? That means one of the people sitting on either side of you on the bus or subway right now is… asleep…

Revealing The True Unfiltered Voice Of The Customer With One Question – The GreenBook Blog

My personal alternate title preference would be: “One Question to Rule Them All.” But a good read either way.

The Sony Hacking Case: A Kill Shot to the Global Survey Industry or a Golden Opportunity? – The GreenBook Blog

Critical commentary on the state of online privacy as it relates to the MR industry.

Customers Might Hate Your Website, Here’s Why – Small Business Trends

Very good points about what to avoid doing on your website.

2014’s 29 Major Enhancements to QuestionPro – Um, us.

We introduced a lot of updates this year… or I mean… last year, and I would be remiss to not include this list of enhancements to QuestionPro.