Thinking About Mondays – Tuesday CX Thoughts

What day is it anyhow?

I know I’m probably one of the very few, but I really do not mind Mondays. Anyone that works in a professional office should have seen the movie “Office Space” (if you haven’t, you’ll thank me for it later). Throughout Monday morning, if something went wrong the response tended to be “Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays.” In this sequence, I certainly related more to the response given by Diedrich Bader – “I believe you’d get your ass kicked for saying something like that.”   

I also enjoy my weekends and personal time and often find myself working then. While the demands are high, I work at other times because I enjoy what I do. The concept of “time spent” or “workdays” both get blended out because this job is more of a passion project. A few days ago, a colleague and I were talking about scheduling a discussion when he suggested ‘tomorrow’. My mind wondered and blurted out loud “what day is tomorrow?”. His response was a shrug of the shoulders. Neither of us knew off the top of our heads what day of the week it was.

Say it louder: Mondays should be awesome!

We’re both quite busy, we both work hard at our jobs and – most importantly – we enjoy what we are doing.  That is why we don’t dread Mondays or count the days to Friday. If you think of all the negative customer service experience examples that we might read about like this one, I’m willing to wager that the employees behind most of them are employees that dread their Mondays (especially if their ‘Monday’ occurs on another day of the week).

Now, think of all the great examples of the customer experience, and I would also go out on a limb and state that most of those employees are happy with the circumstances in their job.  

I am one that enjoys coming to work to help clients solve their problems. It does not mean that every day is great, but I get fulfilment in what I am doing and it usually shows with those that I’m working with and the clients I’m working for. That is what we should want – customer service that wants to be helping the customer.  

Make every day a Saturday

Honestly, Saturday is not my favorite day of the week. However, most polls that I have read note that Saturday is the favorite day of the week for most respondents. It probably is not too difficult to surmise the reason behind that. As for the workweek, it is usually Friday. Of course, this will vary depending on the industry and role. However, if you look at the results of your customer experience survey on your CX enterprise software platform, you’ll probably notice an obvious trend. It could be that scores are consistently lower or higher on certain days of the week. 

If you are using a tool that helps target root cause – like our proprietary NPS+ metric – you will also be identifying service trends within those analytics as well. You may have many more tickets in your customer feedback loop corresponding to those days. If that is the case, you may not just have a customer experience problem, but also an employee experience concern. That means your customer experience strategy should be connected with an employee experience strategy.  

When giving the customers a voice, be certain to let all stakeholders have a voice

Recently, one of our clients deployed a survey about which customer concerns the employees thought about most often. Asking about the employee experience through the lens of the customer experience. It is no small surprise that my client’s company were recently recognized as one of the most admired companies, despite not being one of the big-name innovative technology companies that we often hear about.

The jobs are tough and often dirty and many of the employees never speak with the customers. Many of the employees also work on weekends. Still, they incorporate the voice of the customer in every part of their business, and as a result, will likely have many more years at the top of the list.    

If you are doing it correctly, Monday will never seem like a Monday. 


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