Missed it? You can still access our webinar, “Understanding Consumer Behavior for Online Purchases,” and find out from a stellar panel about factors affecting the online buying behavior of customers and ways to maximise e-satisfaction for an online business.

Your customers are the lifeblood of your e-commerce business. So, it’s important for online retailers to understand the customers’ shifting expectations of the shopping experience. Essentially, give them a reason to buy through a holistic understanding of their preferences and satisfaction with your offerings? Our President of QuestionPro CX, Mark Salsberry, and our Guest Panelist and Head of Marketing Department, Dr. Ashita Aggarwal, shared exactly how to do that in our most recent webinar. Here’s the cliff notes version, but don’t forget to check out the full presentation.

What does e-commerce in India look like?

Increasing internet and mobile penetration, growing acceptability of online payments and favourable demographics have provided the e-commerce sector in India the unique opportunity for companies to connect with their customers, expanding the user base to 354 million in 2015 and increasing at a rate of 34% in the last 5 years. It is noted that the browsing trends, which have broadly shifted from the desktop to mobile devices, is growing rapidly as a stable and secure supplement to the e-commerce industry. Online shopping in rural India is also expected to follow suit with half of the active users coming from tier-2 and tier-3 cities.

WHAT drives customers to purchase online?

Consumers are moving towards new technology leaving behind the conventional ways of purchasing. One of the major trends that act as a tailwind for the e-commerce industry is the unlimited freedom and ease of search for product and price comparison. Shoppers online have the ability to compare products. Having the most information in a streamlined and user-friendly way can be the deciding factor between your product and another’s sites.

Another factor luring the consumers to shop online includes the fast logistics and smooth return/exchange/refund policies. Easy payment options and mainly Cash on Delivery has been a major factor in bringing more consumers. All these facts are driving the impulsive purchases. The jaw-dropping discounts and deals are further fuelling the behavior.

The WHY behind the WHAT

It’s equally important for the e-tailers to track down the choices and preferences of the customers. It’s all about taking the data left behind by your customers (the keyword searches they make, the product clicks they did) and using it to understand why customers do what they do. The best way to find these insights is to integrate web analytics into your website to know who your customer is, know your site’s customer journey, your favourite product or where your sales are coming from. In short, you know your e-commerce IQ.

One of the best practice is a feedback popup based on which pages are being visited by a particular customer or show up after a certain trigger, like if something has been added to the cart but not purchased. The idea here is to capture In-The-Moment feedback. Some actionable ways to get instant feedback are:

  • To have In-Package or On-Package Feedback Invite: Autoresponder with message link or QR code
  • Email or Text message after product arrival


Solutions like QuestionPro CX not only enables reviews on/for your website that can be an important tool to capture real-time feedback but also helps you deal individually with a dissatisfied or a delighted customer. Software integrations like instant email notification, automatic escalation and prioritizing customer issues within a stipulated timeframe are few of the benefits of such solutions which ensures that a negative word of mouth does not spread like a wildfire. On the other side, you can also amplify the voice of your brand promotors by providing them instant options of sharing their experience on social media platforms and grow your influence online.

Our experts explained a lot of great examples of how product or social media reviews help customers become more informed and conscious, thus seeking for value for money, better quality and seeing the shopping experience in an entirely new light. You can refer to the full video below for a detailed insight and reach out to us with more questions and QuestionPro Team will be happy to help you enhance your customer experience.