Using Social Media for Data Mining

imageA real quick post for you guys today.  I was scanning my Google reader to see what was new in the world of marketing and technology and ran across this article from Mashable – Using Social Media for Data Mining.

This is something that we’ve been talking about here for a while – in terms of DIY Marketing Research trends AND in developing new feedback collection tools such as SurveySwipe.

Here is just a small excerpt from the article:

companies can achieve important process improvements with bottom-line significance. For example, they can:

  • Obtain behavioral data that will allow them to more appropriately target segments for better marketing results.
  • Obtain data on personal preferences and interests to move closer to a true one-to-one relationship with their customers.

The disciplined use of demographic and historical customer data has enabled large numbers of companies to substantially increase the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Social media data will enable marketers to take targeting to the next level. It’s Big Data, but today’s technology can handle it.