We want to help you succeed

If you’ve been following us for awhile, you have noticed that we do our best to explain new features and give you best practice helps for marketing and market research. You may not know that we have other trainings available to help you be successful with QuestionPro.


One of our goals here at QuestionPro is to help you be successful market researchers. Many of you might be new to this field, perhaps deciding to add surveys to your task list because you are interested in understanding what your customers or stakeholders are thinking. Or perhaps you accidentally walked into the field of market research a little like I did when I was in a publishing department that just happened to also program surveys once in a while for internal company clients. You might even be a seasoned researcher. Whatever the case may be, we have options for you when it comes to learning how to use QuestionPro, and each option comes with learning not only the how-to’s about QuestionPro, but tips and best practices for conducting your own market research projects successfully.

Weekly Training

Each week, we hold a free, 30-45 minute training session to walk you through how to use QuestionPro.

  • Week 1: Overview. We give a brief overview of QuestionPro, reviewing how to create and edit a survey, some of the security settings and finish options, then look through the send options, reporting options, and integrations.
  • Week 2: Make Your Survey Smart. If you want to branch someone from one question to another location in your survey, you’ll want to use branching logic. We also have extraction logic and scoring logic.
  • Week 3: Personalize, Customize, and Send Your Surveys. Learn how to use custom variables to personalize your survey and the survey invitation, customize your survey so that it matches your organization’s look and feel, and then send your survey using any of over 15 different methods to send a survey.
  • Week 4: Reporting. Reports are really where the rubber meets the road. The best survey is nothing without reporting to tell you what actions to take based on the data. Learn what reporting features are available in QuestionPro in this session.

Paid Training

Paid training clients get to go more in depth on the topics of their choice (up to 8 from a list of 20+ available topics). You get to work one-on-one with the trainer who walks you through step by step and answers your questions along the way. You will get hands-on training, and it’s all done from the comfort of your own office.

Special Free Training

A few months ago, we started holding a monthly training session that goes more in depth on a particular feature in QuestionPro that we think you, our customers, would find interesting and useful. We cover research best practices more extensively, and then we give a live, step-by-step demo of the feature in QuestionPro. We take your questions live and record the sessions so that you can watch them later. In fact, if you’ve missed one of our previous sessions, we have a Webinars on Demand playlist for you.

This month, our big training session will be about a new feature coming to QuestionPro: conjoint analysis. This is a more in-depth analysis that any of the other currently-available analysis options in QuestionPro that we think you’ll find exciting. It sounds really fancy, and it is, but it’s also pretty easy to use. Register today for the session being held Thursday, May 28, at 11AM Pacific / 2PM Eastern. Even if you can’t attend, registering will give you access to the recording for you to watch at your convenience.