What Impact Does Retail Integrated eCommerce Have on Traditional Retail

The growth in eCommerce has started an Integrated eCommerce  trend that has turned into a winning strategy for branded manufacturers as well as retailers.  Branded manufacturers have started selling direct online – but then pushing those orders down to retailers to deliver to consumers.

Here’s a great infographic that describes a March 2012 study conducted by Shopatron with over 200 branded manufacturers and 1,300 retailers .


Retail Integrated eCommerce does not just benefit brands.  Over 65% of retailer respondents said retail-integrated e-commerce increased store profit or improved customer acquisition, with 23 percent claiming that it increased both.  70% of retailers in the survey said they would reduce or stop buying from brands that sell direct to consumers online. This is a significant increase from a similar survey in 2009, where only 51% claimed they would reduce or stop buying.

How to build your brand with survey results

QuestionPro’s online survey capabilities can turn your organization into an industry authority.

If you run regular eCommerce surveys with your industry, you can easily insert a series of questions that measure or track industry feedback and then turn that feedback into an infographic that you can use on your web site, blog or other marketing materials.