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Work Culture Survey: What is it?
A work culture survey is defined as a tool to collect insights from the employees associated with the organization to assess and improve the business and make enhancements in leadership strategies, upcoming investments and overall changes in the organization. It is a survey that evaluates how well-aligned is an organization’s culture with its propagated values and ethics.

In the 80s, Sidney Yoshida famously concluded that there was an “iceberg of ignorance” – the metaphor said that at the top of the organization, executives were only aware of 4% of the problems that were impacting the frontline workers. This finding was validated by numerous employees (and employers, even) who felt out of touch from one another and began to create systems that would work to close that gap.

What is employee retention?
Employee retention: you can’t go overboard with it and you can’t undermine it. It should be a balanced process, if an employer goes overboard with it, they give an impression of being too desperate to retain the employees and if they undermine it they look like, employees are not their priority.  

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do”- Steve Jobs.
One of the most important aspects of running a successful organization is having motivated and engaged employees. Employee engagement and employee motivation are one of the factors that differentiate between ordinary and the extraordinary.
Employee motivation is the level of energy and enthusiasm an employee brings to his/her workplace.

A team in an organization is selected carefully with a particular purpose in mind.  The success of an organization greatly depends on it employees and their performance. It is not an unknown fact that happy employees are productive employees.
So how would you know if your employees are satisfied at the workplace or not? Whom should the organization approach to understand if the employees are motivated enough, happy, engaged in the workplace? Employee feedback survey is the single best way to understand what is working in your organization and what is not.