What is employee retention?
Employee retention: you can’t go overboard with it and you can’t undermine it. It should be a balanced process, if an employer goes overboard with it, they give an impression of being too desperate to retain the employees and if they undermine it they look like, employees are not their priority.  

Did you know, more than 2 million Americans leave their job every month? The U.S Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics calls this category as “Quits”. So why do employees quit?
It is often said, that truth comes at a price. Most people think giving an honest feedback may come back later to bite them.

Did you know?
Facebook has the World’s longest employee retention rate with employee tenure lasting over 2 years at an average. In contrast, Uber is said to have one of the lowest employee retention rates in this category with about 1.23 years being the average employee tenure span. This data is as per Paysa, a company that reports on employee statistics.

Many organisations, global and Indian have rigid rules at work place. The fixed work timings, HR policies, employee appraisals and even fun activities happen as per schedule like clockwork. For India’s millennials in the workforce, more than 400 million in number, flexibility is one of the highly sought after option when it comes to work. This gap raises employee unhappiness despite being well paid.  

The days of the quarterly survey are dead. Across the private sector, smart agencies are shifting away from their disinterested and callous employee engagement systems and are seeking new ways to manage unhappy employees, moving to employee engagement survey and analytics tools that are increasingly active, inclusive, and frequent. The trend, however, is clearly slow to catch on in the federal government.

Most small business owners fully understand the need for great customer service, but it is debatable whether enough realize that keeping employees happy is just as important. If you don’t focus on keeping your staff satisfied and motivated, turnover costs could do major damage to your bottom line. There are many ways to ensure that your employees are happy, and one of the best methods is to utilize employee satisfaction survey….