3 Takeaways From XDay Spring 2022 – Tuesday CX Thoughts

While I tend to focus my blog on customer experience, I wanted to take a moment and recognize that the voice-of-the-customer goes beyond just measuring customer satisfaction, but it also extends into the very moments a customer becomes aware of the brand, to the decision and concluding with a purchase.  Along the way, there are those that bring the voice-of-the-customer back to the organization and are responsible for delivering that service, so employee experience plays just as important a role.

My 3 Takeaways From XDay Spring 2022

Here are my three takeaways on XDay Spring 2022:

1. Everyone Struggles With Insights

This isn’t to say that no one knows how to tease insights from a survey, only that connecting varied sources of data to make them more meaningful, relevant, or attached to an ROI can become a bottleneck.  I’ve repeated a quote from a former colleague several times: “Insights rarely come from one source of data”.  That then leaves us doing things to our surveys rather than obtaining the information we already have.  Clearly, this has an impact on the development of your customer experience strategy in your customer experience software platform, but did you know that the same is true in Market Research and Employee Experience engagement.  To break down silos, QuestionPro has introduced Insights Hub so data, information and insights can be shared across the organization.  Insights like a financial linkage analysis requires customer feedback, customer segmentation, sales/revenue figures and sometime even more just to show the connection – and still you have to then understand the next, most important action.

2. I Have A New Favorite Co-Presenter

I say that with a smile on my face because I haven’t really had a co-presenter in quite some time.  Sure I’ve presented with others, but there is a certain dynamic with my Product Showcase co-presenter – Jayleen Suliveres – that I don’t usually come across.  Perhaps part of it is her knowledge and interest in our QuestionPro CX Enterprise Software or just her attachment to all things customer experience like customer feedback loop and sentiment analysis.  Like any employee, they can be your greatest advocate for your organization and – similarly – a customer can also be promoting your brand to friends, family and the world.  As we spoke about our QuestionPro CX Reputation social media analysis and management tool, there were too many stories to tell in just a short time.  However, my co-presenter and I agree – you only need the woman in the red dress to hurt your sales.  If you want to understand what I’m talking about, you can view that session here.  

3. Timely Feedback Feeds Culture

You can trace so many problems back to timely feedback.  When I think of the times when there was a “disconnect” leading to discontent, it always has to do with timely feedback. As Dan Riley mentions during Workforce Wednesday, you can’t wait six months to give feedback. 

This is why “real-time” is such a keyword when we talk about QuestionPro, whether we are talking about customer experience touchpoints, market research or employee feedback.  When you don’t have the tools for that immediate back-and-forth between the company, the customers and the employee, regardless of who is having the conversations, any uncertainty will undoubtedly lead to hesitation which will lead to more uncertainty.  It is a vicious cycle in the customer journey and across the organization.   

The main goal of research

I could go on for quite some time about the learnings and takeaways from Spring XDay 2022, but I will have to leave some of that up for your review and discussion.  You can look at all the videos on our QuestionPro YouTube channel in our past live streams section.  One last takeaway from our Research Monday is as follows:

The main goal of an investigation is to answer questions, but sometimes those answers could not be in line with our theories and hypotheses. Being honest with our data and having those awkward conversations are some of the pieces of advice that can be offered to anyone taking on research.


You can see how this easily applies to any facet of market research and, in general, to the world around us. Sometimes your customers don’t want what you think they want.  Sometimes they leave you even when they are happy.  Sometimes even the best employees have a bad day.  Sometimes that chance you take will have the biggest payoff – whether you are choosing your customer experience software providers or your next co-presenter. 

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