Add users to your organization in bulk with our new feature

QuestionPro’s user account management system allows account administrators to add or remove user accounts. These accounts can be a part of a team or create surveys independently.

Depending on the license level, a user can add users or sub-accounts to the organization, create roles and teams. These sub-accounts can access the same features, surveys, and reports as the super-admin user.

However, the super-admin user can restrict access by assigning permissions to a role and assigning that role to a user. For instance, you can limit a user to add other users, but not allowing to delete users. You can also restrict features using roles. Users are assigned to a team that allows access to surveys under that team. 

Explore further how to add custom user roles in your surveys account.

What’s new?

You can now add users in bulk, either manually or by uploading a CSV file. 

If there are just a couple of users you want to add to your organization, you can do it manually. But it can get cumbersome if there are multiple users. You can import users from a CSV file and give access to them. The file needs to have an email address for each user. Other fields like role, first name, last name, etc. are optional.

add users in bulk to your account

How does it benefit researchers?

  • Team collaboration: Now, more researchers can collaborate on a survey and can contribute their ideas. Users can share the survey within the team. So, all team members can work collectively and produce a better outcome. The super admin can always log in to the sub-account and edit surveys.
  • Bulk user addition in less time: Adding multiple users through CSV file reduces the time it takes to add users to the system.
  • User management: It becomes easier for the account administrators to manage access and permissions of various users.

Why not try and see how it works! If you need any queries, explore our help file on how to add users in bulk. Or get in touch with our support team through email or chat.