Are You Using Action Alerts?

There’s a phrase a heard about a year ago that didn’t make much sense when I first heard it — and now I see how true it is every single day. “Conversations disappear”

All this really means is that if we aren’t reminded of something we said visually – it’s literally going to disappear and you’re going to forget about it.  Just the other day I had a small explosion in my kitchen when I forgot that I was making hard-boiled eggs and got all wrapped up in a phone call — that is until the big BOOM.  YUCK!

Action Alerts – a gentle reminder

So today, I’m going to tell you about “Action Alerts” — these are nice little pings that show up in your email to remind you that you have a survey going on and that someone has answered a question in a way that demands your attention.

A great practical application of “Action Alerts” is to set them for satisfaction questions in your customer satisfaction surveys.  For example – say you wanted to know every time a customer rated the quality of your food less than an 8 out of 10.  You would get an action alert the instant that feedback was submitted and this would give you the opportunity to address the issue as soon as you knew about it.

You can also take the opposite approach and set up an action alert to ping you whenever you received an excellent response.  This could serve as a terrific motivator for your team.

Spread the Word

Another terrific feature of the Action Alert system in QuestionPro is that you can create a distribution list that receives the alerts.  This way, someone can reach out to the customer as soon as they get the alert and deal with whatever issue the customer has.

Or — if you’re using action alerts to share excellent reports- then the whole team can be aware of the great service they’ve been providing.

Setting up an action alert is easy!

You’ll find the “Action Alert” feature inside of the “Email Notification” menu item.
It’s just that easy!

I’ve used the action alert feature to alert my clients of negative responses as well as positive responses.  You can set up action alerts for more than one question in your survey or for the completion of an entire survey.

If you haven’t used Action Alerts in your surveys yet — check them out.  They can really make a positive difference in the quality of your customer experience and the motivation of your team.