Mobile technology has quickly moved to the forefront of how we communicate and conduct business. As of November 2016, 77% of Americans now own a smartphone; that’s more than double the 35% from 2011. Businesses are well aware of this shift, with an emphasis being put on “mobile-optimized” everything – from ads to emails to shopping for groceries….

DIY survey tools such as QuestionPro are fantastic at opening up survey research to small businesses, allowing you to gather the sort of customer insights you need to be successful. But as the novice DIY researcher, where do you start?
Follow these 5 tips every time you want to run a survey to ensure the customer insights you gather are the type and quality you need to answer your business questions.

If you’re still thinking that all you can use surveys for is collecting feedback — then you are missing out on a HUGE sales opportunity. This was a revelation to me, and when I realized it — it was a whack-on-the-side-of-the-head moment. You can actually use skip survey logic amongst other survey logic types, to help you not only sell to more customers but to identify your BEST customers;

Online survey software is a vital tool for businesses that are interested in receiving helpful feedback from their customers, potential clients, and other individuals, and creating a great web survey can be critical to the success of any business.You can create the best survey in the world with high-quality survey software, however, but if your survey sample size is too large or too small, or is directed toward the wrong audience, the results may be inaccurate….