In consumer and B2B market research circles we are often asked to measure brand awareness and/or familiarity with brands, products, and spokespeople or causes. These two related, but separate constructs, represent the first steps on the pathway from prospect to customer. Awareness should be measured in two ways – aided awareness vs unaided awareness, and that is what we are going to explore in this post….

Sometimes it is difficult to tie the loose ends together, but for those of us in market research, this is what we do for our colleagues in marketing, sales and customer service. A recent new vehicle purchase has made this abundantly clear to me.
Major purchase transactions, as far as milestone events go, generate a great deal of data that is useful to marketers….

Since very few of us have the option to conduct a census of our customers, prospects or panelists we need to rely on the sampling process. For most consumer and B2B market research studies, one of our goals is to provide data that mirrors the population(s) of interest along the lines of these classification variables. There are two primary methods for meeting this goal – 1) use quotas to ensure representation and 2) use weighting to adjust proportions to mirror the population….

Following up on a previous post regarding measuring awareness and familiarity there are other questions that need to be addressed if we are to create a funnel. Why a funnel you ask? Funnels are commonly employed in brand tracking studies. This form of research requires a structured questionnaire that is deployed at specific intervals. They are often used to get a benchmark before embarking on an expensive advertising campaign….

The holiday season definitely the most exciting time of the year for marketers, consumer insight managers, market researchers and community managers. But it can also be the most challenging. We are all fighting for the same goal… Get our consumers attention!
As we plan our holiday marketing campaigns and look for creative ways to get our customers attention during this joyful time, we have to consider engagement strategies for our online communities….

The Canary in the Coal Mine: How a brand audit can indicate the “marketing health” of you business
“Surveys, focus groups, and other voice-of-customer inputs will be invaluable as you formulate new ways to position your offerings, differentiate your business, and stand out in a crowded marketplace.”
Your business’ brand is everything you do, everything, you say, and everything you stand for….