Check-in on your team’s health with this free survey. Keep COVID-19 fears at bay

We, at QuestionPro, understand these are tough times for all of us. COVID-19 has affected all professionals and industries alike. With most of the workforce telecommuting, productivity, business continuity has become a major concern. We also need to remember something very important – employee health. We need to care for their well-being.

QuestionPro, with one of its many platforms – Workforce – will help you manage remote effectiveness for your workforce. It is not only essential to make sure your workforce is equally productive remotely, but also they are in the pink of health in these trying times.

How can QuestionPro Workforce help?

We have designed a free online survey (no commercial obligations) – Remote Employee Health Check – that is suitable for organizations of all sizes.

  • This is a short and simple survey that is ready-to-deploy in your organization
  • You may conduct this every week or every two weeks to check up on your employees
  • The survey is broadly classified into three sections to understand better the state of mind your employees are in
    • Team support
    • Tools
    • Communication 
  • The sections help you identify, understand, and work on aspects that are or may hamper employee productivity
  • You can quickly devise solutions or corrective actions that can show results as soon as the following week
  • The tool provides in-depth analytics that will help you make informed decisions

We deployed the same survey internally for our workforce; here are our scores with regards to our team and location.



You may deploy the survey as early as today. Understand how you can help your employees achieve more in these tough times. Simply write to us on or sign up for a free account on the Workforce page.