Communities feature update: Compound filters enhancement

Data filtering is extremely necessary where data analysis takes place. It helps the researcher (the community manager in this case) to remove unnecessary information and display only information deemed necessary to make inferences. Removing needless information helps reduce the ‘noise’ and assists in better decision making. Creating data-sets of the responses assists in simpler data analysis.

With QuestionPro Communities, community managers can now filter members based on their responses in surveys or polls. They can select multiple questions from a survey to further filter the members.

The problem statement:

We received some feedback from our customers. Here’s what most had to say:

  • Community managers are unable to filter members based on their responses to a specific question in a survey.
  • Community managers are unable to filter members based on the response to a poll.

The community admins often need to use compound filters to segment the data and make an analysis. For example, they may want to reach out to and support customers who are unsatisfied, or who answered in a specific fashion. 

The solution – Compound filters

We updated our platform so community managers and administrators can now use compound filters to filter out responses and members to assist you in making more informed decisions.

  • Provide an option for the community manager to select Survey/Poll and drill down further to Survey/Poll » Question » Option.
  • Multiple questions from the same survey can be selected to further filter the members.

Compound filter

The compound filter feature is available for all existing Communities license holders. Please help us help serve you better. Let us know what you need!