Community Insights Panel: Conduct Research at the Speed of Light

Community Insights Panel

The 2016 NFL draft is currently underway. As I was watching teams pick their players, I thought about how quickly these teams need to make decisions in an ever-changing environment. Sure, they do their research beforehand on each player. However, there’s no telling how the draft is going to go and which player another team is going to select before a team makes its pick. These teams need to conduct research and make decisions at the speed of light so they can make the best decision possible.

Community Insights Panel: Conduct Research at the Speed of Light

This is very similar to how companies need to operate in their marketplaces. They need to do research ahead of time but also need to be able to adapt on the fly. In this adapting process, companies more than ever need a community insights panel so they can conduct research and the speed of light and be as agile as possible.

With a community insights panel, companies can quickly poll their customers to see what they think about the latest potential update to a product. Since this process can be done from start to finish in hours, they can quickly get the feedback they need to make insightful decisions.

On the flip side, a community insights panel can be used for idea creation as well. The need for companies to find out what features or ideas customers have about products is of the utmost importance. With an idea board where members can post ideas they have about products, companies can quickly check the board to see what features to incorporate into the product. Answers to questions that companies never thought to ask.

Simple, easy, and true research at the speed of light.

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