Cosmo Style Scoring – For your Survey

imageOne of a the challenges we’ve faced since we started QuestionPro was bridge the gap between “point-n-click” and “survey programming” — We got one step closer today.

We’ve just launched into Beta a Point-n-Click “Scoring” tool.

What is a scoring tool?
I am sure many of you have taken personality quizzes – answer a few questions and the system computes a “score” for you. In many (well most) cases, its a simple addition of values. If you choose option (1) add 10 point, if not subtract 3 points etc.

So far when clients needed scoring, we had to program them manually. See Laurie Drake’s  comment on IdeaScale here. We had a scripting tool that our developers could program the logic in.

With the addition of the Scoring tool, there is a point-and-click interface to compute scores. Some highlights:

  1. Currently we are limiting this to “Single Select” question types. We probably will enable this for the other question types in the near future (matrix, multi-select etc.)
  2. You can assign values for each of the options. As the respondent chooses the option, the score gets computed and added.
  3. A total is computed and stored along with the response.
  4. You can have decimals (eg 55.4) for the values.
  5. You can also have negative values (subtraction) – by default all the values are added up.
  6. You can display the computed total score to the end-user (respondent) – using the ${score} dynamic variable in the “thank you” page.

What’s Next?

  • Enable Scoring for Matrix as well as multi-select question types
  • Come up with a model for “sectional” scores.
  • Enabling filtering/segmentation based on the scores
  • Comparative analysis (Your score vs. Overall Average etc.)

We’ll be releasing updates to our scoring system to accommodate the points mentioned above. If you have comments on what _else_ we need to think about please post them on the IdeaScale topic here.

Detailed Help on Scoring: