Creative Ways to Use QuestionPro’s Reporting Features

“Can send me a preliminary summary of the interviews you’ve done so far?” This is a common question that I get from my clients — and it’s the BIGGEST reason I chose QuestionPro back in 2005 as my go-to survey software.

As a virtual marketing executive, consultant and general DIY Marketer, I work with corporate clients who are always in one kind of meeting or another and need access to the data that I’m collecting for them.  Their reporting needs vary; some want a regular download, others want on-demand access to the most recent data and still others want a printed report.iStock_000017258309XSmall

Before I used QuestionPro, the only option I had was to download a spreadsheet and do everything myself.  This became impossible when I started a survey project that involved 31 questions across 14 departments and the client wanted each department manager to have their own report.  All I can tell you is that the result was something just under 500 tables and more than 500 pages.  It was ridiculous.  I never could have delivered this report on time if it weren’t for the reporting features that QuestionPro has.

The Real-Time Summary Report gives instant access to real time results

When you click on the report tab, the first thing you will see is the real time summary report.  This feature has undergone several evolutions and I have to say that the latest one is by far the best.

What I love most about it is how complete it is without being cluttered.  At the top, you can see how many people viewed your survey, took the survey, completed the survey, etc.  All the stats you need to share either with your clients or with your management team.

All the data is intuitively represented

Another feature I love about all of QuestionPro’s reporting features – and especially the real-time summary is that the data is intuitively represented.  What I mean by that is that you can see a virtually finished and formatted report right there on the screen – on demand.  Your stats are on top, then question, by question you see the results; open ended texts appear with beautiful tables and charts.  All you have to do is share the link with your client or manager — and they will get a quick look and update on what’s happening with their survey project.

Not only that, but you can change the theme of the report and customize the online report so that it matches you corporate brand or your client’s corporate brand — I just LOVE that!


Analyze open-ended text with the click of a button

Go ahead and call me “easily amused” but the word cloud reporting feature is just THE BOMB.  I do tons and tons of in-depth-interviews and that means that the bulk of my surveys contain a ton of open-ended text.  I’ve spend HOURS reading through thousands of words of text, highlighting, creating a tabulation sheet and then creating spreadsheet charts to report on my open ended text responses.tag_cloud_32691548

This became so tedious and frustrating (especially when you’re doing it every week) that I seriously considered purchasing some kind of software to do it.  But there really wasn’t too much available (that I could afford).  Then QuestionPro created this word cloud reporting feature and I was in love!

The word cloud or tag cloud is really nothing more than Tags or single words that are normally listed alphabetically, and the importance of a tag is shown with font size or color. Thus, it is possible to find a tag alphabetically and by popularity.

Not only does it pull out the most popular words and concepts inside of long text, it looks beautifully designed – as if you’ve spent hours creating this amazing graphic.

What’s your favorite QuestionPro reporting feature and how has it helped you?