What is Culture and Why Does it Matter?


So, what do these statistics point to?

The answer is very simple – Organizational culture! But what exactly is organizational culture? Does it have a definition (or definitions)?

According to the noted author Jamie Notter, “Culture is a collection of words, actions, thoughts and “stuff” that clarify and reinforce what truly is valued inside an organization”.

This definition of culture is very different from all the other conventional ones where culture usually is related to words like quality, honesty, integration, excellence etc. Most organizations fail to understand culture is more about actions than mere words.

At QuestionPro we strive everyday to help our customers and even beyond, to understand and resolve the issue related to the same.

To get a better insight on what exactly culture is we at QuestionPro, initiated a 3 part Webinar series in tandem with WorkXO on mapping, measuring and benchmarking culture.

imageJamie Notter, the author of bestseller books, “When Millennials Take Over” and “Humanize” and the founding member of WorkXo is the keynote speaker for the webinar. Jamie and I, together in the first part of the webinar spoke about, “Mapping organizational culture- The Eight key culture markers: Agility, collaboration, growth and more”.

Years of research have gone into designing the model of workplace genome and finally, these eight markers have been defined.


Image Courtesy: WorkXO

In the first, of the three-part webinar series, our emphasis was more on mapping organizational culture using these eight culture markers. Mapping is the first and the most important step to understanding organizational culture as it involves observing the behavior of the employees and how they conduct themselves in the work environment.

Watch the Entire Webinar Here!

While mapping culture and using the eight culture markers, organization culture fall into three categories: traditionalist, contemporary and futurist. So, when we map organizational culture, organizations get to know where they stand in present day and what they need to do better in terms of culture to stand out in the future.

So how does the workplace genome work? It differs from one organization to another. Its based on a ten point scale, where the culture markers are marked between 1 and 10 for the specific organization. Based on the score for each marker, the culture of the organization falls under the above-mentioned categories of traditionalist, contemporary and futurist.

image                                    Image: Mapping culture markers on a scale from 1 to 10 

Keeping the categories simple, gives a quick idea to the organizations, where exactly the change is required.

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