DIY Research: Has Self-Service Killed Traditional Market Research?

By Nancy Pekala Director of Online Content Editor, Marketing Researchers

Today’s market researchers are finding themselves in the middle of a do-it-yourself world. A variety of low-cost research tools and services are now available and are becoming increasingly attractive to clients, product managers and service delivery professionals alike. A shift away from full project outsourcing to self-service seems to be now underway. To understand how this paradigm shift will be affecting market research professionals in the present and future, Marketing Researchers spoke exclusively with two thought leaders in the industry:

imageVivek Bhaskaran, Founding Member and CEO of Survey Analytics, one of the industry’s leading providers of web-based research technologies. As Chief Executive Officer, he plays a key role in defining the company strategy and using technology and innovation continuously to maintain its leadership in the industry.

Dr. Sanja Licina, Senior Director of Talent Intelligence and Consulting with She is leading Personified’s cutting edge talent management consulting efforts and is responsible for building progressive thought leadership models that provide insight into the current workplace, talent market, recruitment, diversity and employment branding.image

Below is a full transcript of the discussion, which also is available in podcast form atMarketingPower. To hear more insights from Vivek Bhaskaran and Dr. Sanja Licina, register for the AMA’s free Virtual Event, “Unveiling Marketing Research’s Future Online”.