Dynamic Text Boxes Come to SurveyPocket

Last week, we were excited to post about SurveyPocket going multilingual, and this week, I can’t wait  share with you another awesome feature that you can incorporate into your SurveyPocket App.

Let’s say you give a multiple choice question in your survey, but if they select a certain answer, you want them to elaborate. Dynamic text boxes are the perfect way to achieve this.

How Do I Create a Dynamic Text Box in SurveyPocket?

  • Login to your QuestionPro account, and select the survey you want to edit (or create a brand new survey)
  • Choose the question you want to add a dynamic text box to, and look for the little arrow next to the multiple choice answer optionsimage
  • Click the arrow, and at the bottom, select “Dynamic Comment Box”
  • Fill in what you want the label to say. For example, the default label is simply “Comment”, but you could edit it by renaming the label “What desserts do you typically enjoy?”image
  • When you are done renaming the label, scroll up to preview your survey and make sure it’s exactly how you want it

At this point, if everything looks perfect, just sync your iPad or tablet with SurveyPocket and the survey will automatically include the updated surveys with dynamic text boxes!