Enhancement Spotlight: Answer Library!

questionIf you’ve ever wished there was an easy way to add frequently-used answer options to your survey questions, you’re in luck! We recently updated the answer library and think you’ll appreciate the new breadth and depth of options available for your surveys!

Answer Library

The answer library contains a broad spectrum of frequently-used answers for questions. Here is the list of categories and a brief explanation of what you’ll find in each category.

  • Likert-style 7-point scales: standard unsatisfied and agreement 7-point scales. Likert-style means they’re 7-point scales, and they measure on opposite extremes for each scale.
  • Bipolar 5-point scales: standard unsatisfied and agreement 5-point scales. Bipolar simply means they measure on opposite extremes.
  • Other rating scales: uni-directional satisfaction and agreement scales, adjectives for scales, numeric value scales, 3-point poor-average-excellent scale, and adjectives for a standard 8-point scale. We listed adjectives only to make it easy for you to add your own word for the scale, such as “extremely hungry” to “not at all hungry” or “extremely fun” to “not at all fun.” Uni-directional means they measure along the same rating, so it’s levels of satisfaction instead of using opposite terms (“extremely satisfied” to “not at all satisfied” instead of “extremely unsatisfied” to “extremely satisfied”). There is a lot of research in support of uni-directional scales being easier to use and measuring reactions more accurately.
  • Time: military and standard time in hour-increments, global time zones, days of the week, and months of the year.
  • Geographical: countries of the world, regions of the world, US states, Canadian provinces, African countries, Asian countries, Central American countries, Eastern European countries, European Union countries, Middle Eastern countries, North American contries, Oceania countries, South American countries, and Carribean countries.
  • Age: ages by decade and standard age brackets used in surveys.
  • Income brackets: standard research income brackets, income by $10K, and income by $20K.
  • Demographics: employment status, education, military status, housing, gender, race/ethnicity, and marital status.
  • My Question Library: any answer sets previously saved to your question library.

How can I use the answer library?

When you add a question to your survey, just click on the Answer Library drop-down found in the response options box. Select your answer set, and it will automatically enter the answer options in the response field. Once the answer options are in the response field, you can modify them as needed.