Ecommerce; ROCX, Employee Feedback; and, er, Ecommerce(2). That’s Today’s #FridayFive!

FridayFiveThis week we’re featuring at ecommerce, employee feedback, customer experience and how to measure its return, and well, more ecommerce.

‘Tis the season after all, am I right people?

5 Ways to Use Pre-Transactional Offers in Ecommerce – HubSpot

There are actually 6 clever ways, but we’re still putting the final touches on our new feature so it didn’t quite make it into this list. It’s a good list though. And we’ll announce #6 soon :-D

Mobile Now Accounts for 50.3% of All Ecommerce Traffic – Shopify

There sure seems to be a lot of buzz around mobile ecommerce lately. And apparently for good reason – online shopping cart provider Shopify just announced that based on data from 100,000 ecommerce sites, last week marked the first time in history where more traffic came from mobile devices than stationary browsers. Woah.

11 Great Questions to Ask Your Employees – Small Business Trends

As powerful as structured employee feedback programs can be, having a face-to-face conversation can also be incredibly effective. Here are questions some founders and CEOs ask to make effective use of what is often not enough time.

2015 Insights-Driven eCommerce Resolutions – GreenBook

Some great considerations for improving the ecommerce experience and treating your customers more like humans (read: it’s H2H, not B2B). This is applicable to ‘offline’ businesses as well!

The ROCX (Return on Customer Experience) – ResearchAccess