#FridayFive – Stories from Around the Web 16

Well it’s Friday again, and time for another #FridayFive! This is where we give you articles that are relevant to small business, marketing, and market research. Have a great weekend!


Why beacons are a game changer in mobile research (NewMR)

Location based research: it’s quickly becoming the future. Ray Poynter of NewMR explains what beacons are and how they will shape the future of market research.


Who Are The Top 25+ Market Research Influencers On Twitter? (GreenBook)

Have you ever wondered who the top market research influencers are on Twitter? Look no further! This is also presented with the full report.


How to be a Great Leader and Inspire Your Small Business Team (Small Business Trends)

One of the greatest challenges as a small business owner is motivating and inspiring your team. Melinda Emerson writing for Small Business Trends provides some tips for becoming a great leader for your team.


The Future of American Business . . . In Four Little Words (Small Biz Daily)

Where is business going in America? Cliff Ennico writing for Small Biz Daily gives us 4 words in which he sees are the main avenues small businesses are heading today.


Are You Tracking These 7 Facts About Your Customers? (Forbes)

Forbes contributor Micah Solomon discusses 7 key facts about your customers that you as a business owner should tracking.