#FridayFive – Stories from Around the Web 18

It’s Friday once again and time for another edition of the #FridayFive! This is where we give you 5 articles that are relevant to market research and all things small business. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Why Democratizing Your Brand Is Good For Business (Greenbook)

Have you ever considered democratizing your business and letting customers in? Ray Poynter writing for Greenbook lays out the case!


Which Layout is Right for Your Office? (SmallBizDaily)

Simply by rearranging a few walls and desks can work wonders in an office environment. Daniel Cochran writing for SmallBizDaily explains how!


5 Family Business Lessons Learned (SmallBizTrends)

Do you run a small business with your family? Here are five lessons learned brought to you by Tim Berry writing for SmallBizTrends.


Don’t Post Pictures Of Your Customers Online Without Reading This (Forbes)

Even fully clothed, posting pictures of your customers online could put you in the some legal hot water. Forbes contributor Jayson DeMers covers the topic!


How to market Test A Good Idea (HarvardBusinessReview)

Ever had a great idea and wondered what to do to test market it? Managing partner at the Innosight consulting firm Scott Anthony shed some light on the topic.