#FridayFive: Stories from Around the Web 24

Friday is here again which means here’s another #FridayFive! This is where we provide you with five great web articles that relate to marketing, market research and small business.


Five Reasons 8 Out Of 10 Businesses Fail (Forbes)

Any small business owner has probably heard the stat 80% of businesses fail. Learn why from Forbes contributor Eric Wagner.


Four Reasons That Surveys Behave Badly And What You Can Do About It (GreenBook)

Are you planning on conducting a survey? Here are some things that may go wrong and what you can do understand and prevent it.


5 Qualities for a Good Customer Service Team (SmallBizDaily)

Customers are the key to your business. Savannah Coulsen presents us with 5 qualities a good customer service team has to have.


10 Key Mobile/Location-Based Stats That Marketers Need (MarketingLand)

Mobile based marketing is just starting to come to light. Here are some stats to get you and your business prepared for this unique type of marketing.


12 Things ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Taught Us About Business (Mashable)

Do you own a small business? Here are 12 things you shouldn’t forget – from the show Bob’s Burgers.