#FridayFive – Stories from around the web 3

It’s been an awesome week here in Seattle, tons of sun and warm weather! Amidst the lovely lack of rain, here’s your weekly dose of #FridayFive, some great stories and articles we’ve found.
“Shaken, Not Stirred”: The Current State of the MR Community – GreenBook
It’s been said that market researchers have been shaken with new tools and techniques – but who’s being stirred? Kevin Lonnie shares his insights with us on the GreenBook blog.

What Comes After Millennials? Generation Salad – BusinessWeek
What are younger consumers wanting? Market researcher NPD is identifying the demographic of newborns to those aged 23 and has concluded they want one thing: FRESH.

The Slow Death of American Entrepreneurship – FiveThirtyEight
The numbers show a general decline in new business start-ups in America – what could be the explanation? Ben Casselman via FiveThirtyEight explains some possible explanations.

How to Strengthen Your Social Media Content Marketing Strategy – Small Business Trends
So you’ve got a Facebook and Twitter account set up for your business – but are you using it to your full advantage? William Johnson writing in Small Business Trends offers some great tips.

5 Embarrassing Habits That Keep Your Emails From Getting Clicked – Unbounce
Lance Cummins of Unbounce gives us a look at a few mistakes you can avoid when sending out emails to potential customers.