Get Instant Insight With Our 360 Leaderboard

So you ran a 360 review.Get Instant Insight With Our 360 Leaderboard

In fact, you ran more than just one 360–you ran a 360 review process for the entire marketing department. With your automated individual reports, you already have comprehensive, instant insight into each individual’s strengths and weaknesses.

And then management asks, ever so casually, what’s the top strength of the department as a whole? What’s the most common weakness? Which team within the department scored best?

And so you scramble. You export the data into excel and torture it deep into the midnight until you get some semi-relevant graphs and charts.

What if I told you there was a way to get this information at a click of a button?

Get Instant Insight With Our 360 Leaderboard

360 Leaderboard

Our 360 leaderboard functionality allows users to get instant insight into their workforce’s strengths and weaknesses. Discover instantly who are your highest and lowest scoring individuals and teams. Learn what common strengths and weaknesses exist across the entire workforce. Grab our 360 evaluation template and get started.