Get mobile with iPad Surveys!

With Apple’s recent announcement of iCloud, there’s new buzz in the cloud services market and we’re excited to see Apple’s iCloud in action when it launches this fall.  But for all the buzz around ‘always available’ cloud based services, the fact remains that we’re not always able to access the cloud.  Maybe you’re not near a wireless hot-spot, you don’t have a 3G connection on your iPad, or you’re in a cellular dead zone; “Can you hear me now Cloud?”

The day of the ‘always available’ cloud is not yet here.  This is why we’ve recently integrated QuestionPro with SurveyPocket, so you can now conduct surveys even when you’re not online.

SurveyPocket is an iPad (and iPhone) based survey app that allows you to administer surveys in any environment, even when you’re not online.  Once you’re connected again, SurveyPocket will automatically sync with your QuestionPro account.  That way all your data stays in once place, and you have access to the same robust reporting you’re used to with QuestionPro.

SurveyPocket is idea for trade shows or other events where mobility is needed.  Typically, representatives an organization will ‘walk the floor’ with their iPad and SurveyPocket and connect with customers to conduct short moderated surveys.  This is not only a great way to collect data, it’s a perfect way to collect contact information and potential sales leads.

The SurveyPocket integration with QuestionPro is available for anyone who has a QuestionPro account, even Free account qualify.  Additionally, the SurveyPocket application is free to download from the Apple App Store.  So all you need as an iPad (which you’ve been wanting an excuse to buy anyway right?) and you’re ready to go with mobile surveys!

You can learn more about setting up your mobile surveys here:

Join us this Thursday – for a quick webinar on Mobile Surveys as part of our ongoing training sessions:

When: Thursday June 16th – 11PM PST (GMT +8)
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