How to Get People to Open Your Online Surveys – These Tips Will Surprise You

Get People to Open Your Online Surveys

While you can write the best survey ever, it won’t matter if nobody will open it, so your main task ist to get people to open your online surveys. While there are several ways to distribute your online surveys, the most common is vial email.  And with every email platform (especially Google) making feverish attempts at “helping” you deal with email overwhelm, there is an increasing chance that your online survey will get lost in some kind of promotion or update tab — or even the spam bin.
Get People to Open Your Online Surveys

Successful marketing is contingent on several factors, including your ability to get people to open the emails you send them. If your emails fail to attract sufficient attention, then your marketing campaign is essentially dead in the water.

The subject line or title is the most vital part of an email. The subject is the first thing that your recipient will see. Thus, creating a title that will intrigue and interest your viewer is essential to getting your recipient to probe a little further. Ask these questions before sending an email to clients or prospects.

  • Is my title catchy and does it invite your reader to learn more? If you found the email you are about to send in your inbox, ask, “Would I open and read this email?” Consider this carefully. If you received an email with the title, “My boss thinks I am cheating on him,” would you open it? The chances are good you would, especially if you opened the email to find the subject was about employees that used company mail and Internet time to look for other job opportunities. Catchy title, and relevant material.


  • Try turning something negative into a positive. While it sounds counterintuitive, sometimes a negative subject line invites more open rates. Think along the lines of, “Top 5 Reasons Why Dumb Mistakes Are Teaching Your Competitor Winning Strategies.” This strategy works well and is simple to initiate.


  • Avoid the all caps. Some people want to make a point, and in doing so they mistakenly capitalize … everything! DON’T DO THIS IT IS SHOUTING, and no one wants to open an email when someone is shouting at them.


  • Avoid personalizing your subject line. Some newbies think this is a great way to target market. Using a name will cause your subjects to think you are a spammer. Most spammers have a method of acquiring their audience’s first name, so if someone sees their name from a marketer they do not know, they will automatically assume the email is spam, and delete it without reading it. So, by all means, avoid using a first name unless you know someone personally.

What are other ways to encourage people to open your online surveys? Try to engage your audience with controversial topics.  That means either inserting an introduction that engages them or inserting a few controversial questions.   A controversial topic is also a good method for inspiring interest, and encouraging people to jump right into the survey and share THEIR opinions on the topic.  They may not all be positive, but you may find you now have the opportunity to engage your audience.