Dry Testing – A Cool New Way to Test for New Product Feasability

imageThere are many creative low cost ways to get some really terrific behavior based research done these days.  Tim O’Connor, CMO of PCDI/Ashworth our guest columnist on Research Access calls it “Dry Testing.”

Basically, instead of asking people about what they’ve done or what they might do, you are drawing them in with an ad for an offer, taking them to a landing page describing the offer and then asking some questions around that.  Now you might already be thinking that this might sound a little shady — a sort of bait and switch technique.  But it isn’t.  In his article Tim outlines some FTC guidelines and then shows you exactly how to create this type of survey yourself.

“The Federal Trade Commission is normally OK with tests like this, so long as four conditions are met:

  • No representation is made that the product definitely will be produced.
  • There must be adequate notice of the conditional nature of the offer.
  • Those who order are promptly informed if it is not produced.
  • There can be no substitution of another product.”

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