What is a Health Survey: How To Improve The Healthcare Experience

How was your experience the last time you visited a doctor’s office? How long did you have to wait? Did they apply some kind of health survey to get your opinion?

Probably you have had to answer a form with a pencil and paper, or answer surveys for the hospital while you waited to be treated, perhaps a survey with some questions that can help your doctor to formulate your file.

In many occasions you might have to take another questionnaire when you’re already inside the office, waiting for your doctor to take note of all your symptoms or the treatment he will give you.

When a person is feeling bad physically and emotionally, it should be a priority to give them a better office visit experience as physicians show commitment by providing the best care. The surveys should always be taken after the patient has left the hospital to make sure they have the time and awareness needed to gather real answers.

What is a Health Survey?

A health survey is a tool used to gather information on the behavior of a specific group of people from a determined area. This kind of survey allows health care experts to understand better the way a community acts towards health.

Health surveys are a necessary and helpful instrument for decision-making when crafting a health plan. Health surveys provide specific information about the epidemiological situation, health trends, life habits and the use of health services from the point of view of the patients.

This type of survey allows physicians to locate risk factors in the community around the hospital or health care center such as tobacco use, alcohol use, poor diet habits and lack of physical exercise, which are common health behaviors.

Health Survey Examples

The most important part of a health survey is the correct implementation. Patients need to have a specific time to answer the survey question without intervention at the time of the hospital experience, which is usually the time when they feel least prepared to answer questions; rather, they should answer them at the end of their visit.

Having correct health survey questions in a survey will allow you to collect useful data about the health and well-being of your respondents and to adequately meet your research objectives.

The objective of this research tool can be: to understand general health, the factors that affect a certain disease, the opinion about the medical services provided and the risk factors associated with the individual’s health, among others.

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QuestionPro continues to innovate, and now you can do a health survey using the Homunculus question that helps you to have better results and to streamline services and the relationship between doctor and patient.

Use our Homunculus question for your health survey

The Homunculus question type captures visual data based on the patient’s selections, by pointing to the area where their body is experiencing discomfort. In these health and disease questions, 24 pain zones can be identified in the front and 29 in the back of the human body, allowing clinicians to get a preliminary but clear idea of ​​the patient’s condition.

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You can carry out a short survey using the Homunculus question in your health survey while the patient waits to be treated by the specialist, so that at the time of entering the consultation the doctor already has these data and can lead to a complete examination based on the information previously provided. This, in addition to streamlining the entire medical consultation process, will be providing better care and experience to the patient.

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How to create a Homunculus question in your online survey

As with all QuestionPro question types, the Homunculus survey question is mobile-friendly, and can be taken offline with the QuestionPro Offline Survey App.

To use this type of question, first go to the list of “Advanced question types” and then select the “Health Care” question category.

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Use the Homunculus question in your health satisfaction survey

Many of QuestionPro’s clients who want to take a healthcare survey have found in this type of question a way to change the way they work with patients, using it in two ways, for example:

1.) On-site: The patient’s physical data is collected through a short health survey via a tablet without connection to the QuestionPro offline mobile app.

2.) Remote Assistance: As the development of technology has spawned a new lifestyle around the world, remote assistance by physicians has also become increasingly common.

Advantages of a Health Survey

A health survey will let a hospital or health care center know what its patients think about the service they provide. With our platform they can receive patient’s comments in real time. It helps to know which are the areas that present serious issues and to make the necessary adjustments to correct them.

Hospitals can collect information on medical care times and improve metrics, for example, through surveys for hospitals.

They will be able to know if a diagnosis is made correctly or if the medications that patients obtain are adequate for their treatment. By collecting patient feedback through surveys, potential lawsuits for loss of life as a result of poor care can be avoided.

To further enhance the patient care experience, the QuestionPro API integration enables physicians and healthcare institutions to retrieve previous medical history, facilitating care and providing physicians with more accurate information to personalize and ask the appropriate questions to each patient, something that undoubtedly speeds up and helps improve health services.

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