Hit the TURF – How to Use TURF Analysis to Create an Optimal Product Offer With the Broadest Reach

I have a confession to make, I run my business on two extremes; either I have NO IDEA what to create as a product or service offer or I jump into creating something without having a clue about whether my clients and customers want it or not.  I’m going to go out on a limb and say that more than 80% of you just do the basic analysis of your data, and you don’t even touch some of the über-cool analytical tools that QuestionPro offers and others charge mega bucks for.

When Do I Use TURF Analysis?

Have you ever asked:

  • Which combination of products or services would sell the best?
  • How do I determine which marketing and placement campaigns are driving consumers?email iStock_000016299825Large
  • What is the best way to spend marketing dollars on a limited budget?

When you ask these questions, it’s time to conduct TURF Analysis.

It was originally devised for analysis of media campaigns, and has been expanded to apply to product, line and distribution analysis.

With QuestionPro any MULTIPLE CHOICE (Multiple Answer) question can be analyzed using TURF. The TURF Simulator can give you One-Click access to Optimal configurations for maximizing reach. Reach or Coverage defined as the proportion of the audience (target group) that chooses a particular option.

Let me show you a real example –

I run a survey with everyone who signs up for my newsletter — here is what one of the questions looks like:TURF 1


That’s a lot of choices and I’m curious about WHICH one to three topics will reach the most people and get them excited about my content.

Of course, the first place I look is just to see which slice is the BIGGEST —

pie 1


In this case — how to use social media is the biggest slice.  With 10.2% of the respondents choosing it.

But what would be me REACH — if social media is the topic — then if I write about that, how many people can I expect to reach?  Or, which topics should I write or have content about that will reach 80% of my audience?

While you can choose the top three most popular – it’ doesn’t really tell you how much of your audience you’d reach.  So take a look at how the top three show up inside of the TURF chart –



Now I know that most of my content has to revolve around:

  1. How to use social media in your business
  2. How to develop offers
  3. Finding out what sets you apart

Here is a key point that sets TURF apart from the frequency analysis — it’s not about which topics in particular to use — TURF measure the COMBINATION of topics that reaches the best audience.

To get to the best combination — use the simulator.

What is the TURF Simulator and how can it help me?

The TURF Simulator can give you One-Click access to Optimal configurations for maximizing reach. Reach or Coverage is defined as the proportion of the audience (target group) that chooses a particular option. The TURF Simulator runs through every possible configuration of ‘n’ choices at a time and gives you a sorted order of “Reach %”.

Here’s an example of what happens when you run the simulator a few times:


It turns out I have a couple choices of topics that will reach the same percentage of my audience.

If you haven’t worked with the TURF analysis — then I recommend that you do and you’ll not only save yourself hours of complicated analysis, but you’ll get the insights you need to create a perfect blend or mix of product offers that the majority of your customers really want to buy.