How to Customize Your Online Surveys Using Logic Questions

What if you could survey multiple segments at once?

If you’re only using online surveys to gather basic data, you’re going to love this article.  One of the ridiculous secrets about QuestionPro is that it’s absolutely loaded with high-end features and most of us users don’t even know it!

One of these features is the ability to use what’s called “skip logic”.  Skip logic gives you the ability to segment your respondents and then ask them questions based on their previous response.

For example – say that you’re doing an online survey with trade show attendees.   Some of the trade show attendees are exhibitors and some are just attendees.  Say you wanted to ask exhibitors one set of questions and the attendees another.   You would use the “skip logic” feature to do this.

For example – you can have a question that says:

Are you an:

  • Exhibitor
  • Attendee

If they say that they are an exhibitor, you can ask them a series of exhibitor questions and if they say that they are an attendee, you can route them to an attendee-centered set of questions.  And if you really wanted to get fancy about it, you can send them each to different surveys altogether.  That is ridiculously powerful.

Three Benefits to using skip logic

  1. Personalized experience.  When you use skip logic, your respondents get a more personalized survey experience.  Skip logic gives you the ability to ask questions based on their previous responses and that keeps respondents engaged more likely to complete the survey.
  2. Shorter surveys.  When you use skip logic, you create a shorter survey because not every respondent has to answer every question. And this also increases response and completion rates.
  3. Better segmentation.  My favorite reason to use skip logic is to give you better segmentation data.  Skip logic reduces the likelihood that people will provide false answers to questions that don’t really apply to them.

If you haven’t tried the skip logic and branching questions – give them a shot for your next survey.  You’ll find that both you and your respondents will benefit.