How to Submit Feedback Apps and Forms to Get Paid

imageCreating your own Feedback App on QuestionPro is a quick, easy way to earn some extra cash while making the lives of other QuestionPro users easier. In this article, I’ll show you exactly how to do so in a few simple steps.

What is a Feedback App and why should I use it?

Feedback apps are surveys that you can install in your account and use to collect data. The surveys are created and then submitted to the app store by our users, which are in turn approved by QuestionPro experts. Using surveys from the app store saves you time, and as we all know, time is money.

However, I personally think the best part of the feedback app is that not only are professionally created surveys available to save you time, but you can actually publish your own survey to sell in the app store and earn that extra cash I mentioned above.

How do I create my own feedback app?

Login to your QuestionPro account, and find the “Apps” tab along the top of the page. Once there, look on the lefthand side of the page under “App Store”. Click on “My Submitted Apps”. Once there, you’ll notice a button in the upper righthand corner to “Add Feedback App”.image

Select the survey from your account that you want to publish and the category under which it best fits. Next, set a price for the app and add an image if you so choose. Lastly, name your app and briefly describe its purpose. Click “Add Feedback App”, and you’re all set!

Where can I view apps I’ve previously submitted?

Again, head to the “Apps” tab, and on the lefthand side under “App Store”, find the “My Submitted Apps” link.Screenshot

Replacement Variables

Here’s another cool thing you can do with your app: add replacement variables. Replacement variables are variables that can be customized after installing a feedback app. For example, you’re using the Restaurant Feedback App, and you want the name of your restaurant auto-populated into your survey. You can easily insert your restaurant name at all places in the feedback app, simply by using curly brackets. For example, you would insert {Mama Elizabeth’s Pizza}.

The most important question: How do I get paid?

It has never been so easy to earn some extra cash with your honest feedback. All you need to do is choose the price of your survey. QuestionPro does the heavy lifting by tracking the number of installations, and in turn giving you a collective payment at the end of each month, either via PayPal or check.

So There You Have It

A fast, simple way to earn the cash you need for your daily coffee (or happy hour). If I didn’t answer a question you have, try the Feedback App Help page.