Improve Logical Reasoning Within Surveys

compound delayed imageDesigning a good survey is easier said than done. Traditional surveys have required people to go through each and every question of the questionnaire, making the task cumbersome and time-consuming. A smart survey is one where logical reasoning is encouraged. Let’s see how we can do this.

Suppose your college wants to survey its students, but there are many departments within the college and you want each student to only answer the questions related to their department. With QuestionPro’s compound/delayed branching, you can do this.

Here are few of the benefits:

  • Permits logical reasoning. You can define a compound criteria based on a single question, multiple questions or custom variables, allowing you to create smart surveys.
  • Trigger logic at a later time. Unlike simple branching, compound/delayed branching need not be executed immediately. The logic can be triggered even if the criteria is defined much earlier in the survey.
  • Get quality data. With only relevant questions being shown, the quality of the collected data is expected to be much better normal.
  • Higher response rates. Respondents tend to drop out of surveys if they have to answer irrelevant questions. Compound/delayed branching reduces drop outs and improves response rates.

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