Improving the Response Rate: The Opening Shot- Webinar Recap

By popular demand of our customers, we hosted a free webinar last week on insightful tips to increase the response rate of your surveys. Our featured speakers were Dr.P.Vigneswara Ilavarasan- Director of Research, IIT Delhi and Harshad Deshpande-Product Manager, QuestionPro and together they brought collective experience in best practices of research and survey building to the discussion. If you weren’t able to attend, or if you did, but would like a refresher, you can find the full recording here!

We had a really fun and engaging session, so we’d like to extend a big thank you to all the students and faculties who attended and asked questions. To recap for those who couldn’t attend, we’ve compiled the top tips we covered in our discussion.

From the webinar- Enhancers for higher response rate

  • Strive for a good cover letter. And back it up with an equally good & relevant opening for your questionnaires. Explain clearly the purpose of the survey, how long will it take, how the information will be used (e.g., what’s your privacy policy) etc.
  • Send personalized email survey invitations. A personalized email will receive a higher click-through and completed response rate than an email that begins with a generic salutation such as Dear Valued Customer.
  • Introduce your identity through the logo of your company. This induces seriousness and authenticity to your survey.
  • Clearly identify your target audience. Familiarity and relevance of the topic or the subject of the survey with your audience will get you higher responses.
  • Keep it short. The shorter your survey is, the lower the likelihood that respondents will drop out, and the better response rate you’ll receive.Response-Rates2
  • Be clear about data safety and participant privacy.
  • Try using incentives in form of free coupons, gift vouchers, theatre passes etc., on completion of the survey to foster interest in the respondents.
  • Use multiple reminders for those who don’t respond. This shows the respondent that their participation is important.

As an online survey software company, we pride ourselves on being able to provide you with best practices to get the most out of your survey research projects. With that in mind, we come up with such insightful webinars conducted by industry experts which acts as a platform for viewers to clarify their doubts and learn more.

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