Inbound Marketing is On the Rise

You’ve probably heard the term “Inbound Marketing” tossed around all over the place – but very rarely do you see it compared to “traditional marketing”.

In the new world of internet engagement and social media, inbound marketing provides a new context for how to get and keep profitable customers.

Here is an informative infographic that we found on the Panorama blog that details the ins and outs of inbound marketing.



What role can surveys play in inbound marketing?

Are you kidding?  Surveys are the original tools of inbound marketing.  It’s just that back in the days of pen and paper – they weren’t very efficient.  But in today’s world of smartphones, WR codes and online surveys, you can turn your QuestionPro account into an inbound marketing tool.

  1. Got a question?  Get an answer.  How many times have you sat in a meeting tossing around what you “think” your customers want?  You can start the inbound marketing conversation with your customers by sending a survey.  Select a targeted list of customers, upload them into QuestionPro — ask a few questions and you’ll get answers in a matter of minutes or an hour or so.  At least you won’t be flying blind.
  2. Now you can take those results and get the conversation started on a blog, social media.  You’re probably thinking that this is impossible because you will let some secret cat out of the bag  — it isn’t.  Remember the private details aren’t important to your audience — the engagement is.
  3. Route them to another survey.  Now you’ve got them engaged, you can route them to a more quantitative survey that reflects the input you’ve already received from them.
  4. Build a list.  Create a list of these engaged customers and treat them as a beta test for your product or service or conversation.  This creates buy-in and allows you to keep them updated on the details of the product or service they are participating in.

What are some inbound marketing insights that you’ve gained recently?  Share them with our readers in the comments below.