Increase Survey Completion Rate by Sending a Smart Notifications

Anyone who has ever conducted an online survey knows that there are various stages which a respondent goes through when filling out an online survey. It could be that respondents have not opened the survey, they might have opened it but not have started it, they may have started but not completed.  But what we all want – is to increase survey completion rate. We want to see that data to roll in.

Increase Survey Completion Rate

Increase survey completion rate

Increase Survey Completion Rate by Sending a Smart NotificationsAs we just established, people who have received our invitation to complete a survey are not all at the same stage of survey completion. So why are we sending a Survey Reminder to all of them?

This is the basis of a new addition in QuestionPro’s vast array of customized features – Making the entire notification process smart so that you can send accurate acknowledgments to your respondents based on how they have answered the questions and how far along are they in completing the survey!

Adding Intelligence to Survey Respondent Notifications

With QuestionPro’s Smart Notifications, you can design intelligent acknowledgments to be sent to respondents based on their survey answers – Positive, neutral or negative. In case of a Net Promotor Score (NPS) survey, the response distinguishes brand “promoters” from “detractors”. In this situation, two separate, personalized and auto-triggered notification emails will be sent to respondents based on the positive or the negative feedback. It would either express your gratitude for the positive feedback and how you will continue to strive to be even better or it would be an apologetic message stating how seriously you take the negative response and that real action will be taken to improve.

Preventing brand detractions and making happy customers happier

Both of the smart messages mentioned above can have a profound impact on your customer’s mind. One can make a customer even more attached to the brand, the other can prevent a potential detractor from abandoning your brand! Here are some more tips on how to save the day and recover detractors. 

There is even more to auto-notifications, which will help increase survey completion rate. Earlier, even the respondents who had not completed all survey questions would get an acknowledgment notification, which thanked them for their time. Now you can send a different notification to responders who have not completed the entire survey, urging them to do so, while still thanking them for their valuable time.

Using smart notifications is the next leap to increase survey completion rate, to engage your responders and prevent potential brand detractions and make satisfied customers even happier!