7 ways to Increase Survey Response Rates : Improve survey score

Let’s admit, we all fight a battle against low survey response rates. Survey creation is just a start; the real challenge to overcome is really getting your existing and potential respondents to take it.

To enable your organization to expand survey response rates and also the correctness of responses, we’ve created a list of 7 best practices:

  1. Ask Relevant Questions

There is a reason why you are distributing the survey and the ultimate objective is to take actions based on survey results and hence improve business situation. Is you aim to benchmark some aspects of customer service like knowledge, friendliness, issue resolution or wait times? If yes then use similar wording and scale in your questionnaire. Make the objective of survey clear to the customer also and in the body try explaining what the audience will gain by taking the survey. QuestionPro has more than 20 predefined templates ranging from customer feedback to employee engagement to get you going.

  1. Keep the survey short

Keeping the survey short will ensure that we value respondent’s time and effort.  A wide range of customer feedback can be collected without flooding them with lot of questions. QuestionPro skip logic and branch logic feature enables a significant reduction in questions based on the responses.

  1. Share the Survey results with audience

Just because the respondent filled the survey doesn’t mean he isn’t entitled to the survey results. If it’s  a one of survey you might get away with this but if the responses have to be collected over time then sharing the results with respondents. Customers love to know the survey response results. This can also be pitched as an Incentive if budget is a concern.

  1. Take Actions based on Survey

The prime reason customers take surveys is because they think that their feedback will trigger better changes in your organization, so it’s highly recommended to keep this viewpoint in mind after collecting responses. The actions will only delight the customer and invoke a sense of belongingness in a customer. The QuestionPro platform facilitates actions and decisions by its real time detailed reporting and analysis tool.

  1. Use appropriate channels

There are multiple ways to deploy the survey, QuestionPro offers seamless survey integration across channels and devices that enables brand to choose and target the audience at the right time and through the right platform. For example email is the right survey channel for a customer who has filled a form on the website. SMS as a survey channel has garnered a lot of attention in last few years as it enables the feedback collection right after interaction. However to cover the entire customer journey the brand would need to deploy surveys at multiple touch points.

  1. Incentivize the survey

Nothing comes free in life! When you are struggling with low responses, incentives are bound to increase the survey response rates.  You should have a clear understanding of your audience and an incentive that is a true reward for their effort. Giving a discount code, offering points for every response, this method is particularly used in panels. We need to ensure that the Incentive works for all the target audience, for example, a Souq gift card is more appealing over a movie ticket.

  1. Survey Reminders

Email reminders work! But it depends on your objectives too. The QuestionPro email system allows you to automate the process of sending multiple emails to those who haven’t completed the survey yet. Its wiser to consider your objectives before sending reminder emails as response rates do decrease with the increase in reminder emails.


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