Mapping Customer Experience: Know Your Customer Intimately

QuestionPro Customer ExperienceIt always amazes me how our clients at QuestionPro put themselves into the shoes of their customers. Yes, these are the determined ones who are charged with helping their organization really understand their customers and they take their role quite seriously. Oftentimes, these forward-thinking clients adopt the idea of customer intimacy, which is defined as “moving beyond independent transactions to deep, long-term customer relationships, by better understanding, anticipating, and fulfilling both stated and latent customer needs.” This deep level of customer understanding can only be achieved by a comprehensive mapping customer experience. 


Know Your Customer Thoroughly


Many of our clients tell me about the need to have a 360-degree view of their customer journey so that they can truly understand the customer experience. I see more clients moving away from the quarterly or semi-annual ad hoc survey mindset to a place where they are keeping their fingers on the pulse of the customer experience on an ongoing basis. They want to understand how customers experience their brand at a variety of intersection points. This thorough approach pays off by giving them a real-time awareness of the changes. It allows them to adjust, correct, and even exploit opportunities related to business seasonality poses risks and opportunities as it relates to the customer experience.


A Comprehensive View


Businesses differ greatly and, thus, the customer journey looks quite different depending on the ways that your customers engage your brand. The customer journey typically starts even before they become your customer, when your prospects are learning about your offerings on your website, online review sites, or advertisements.


After this awareness and discovery stage, the customer journey is particularly intriguing during the purchase process. For instance, do you know what factors are most important to your customers that cause them to choose you over the competition? Are you aware of how your customers perceive your sales staff?


Then, after the purchase, businesses typically want to understand how their customers experience their products and services. At this, it’s often helpful to understand the experience at different time periods after the purchase. Beyond that, businesses want to understand how their customers interact with their support representatives.


Your Customer Journey Map


This comprehensive, 360-degree view of the customer journey is a proven model for understanding how, when, and where your customers experience your brand. In order to have a successful customer experience program, you’ll want to measure your customers’ perception at a variety of intersection points over time.


Here are some of the common contexts where our clients measure their customer experience on an ongoing basis:


Onsite:  If your customers come to a physical location, like your restaurant, retail store, hotel, or the boarding area at an airport, then we recommend capturing feedback from them in the moment.


Email:  This is likely the most accepted methodology for reaching your customers. It’s very easy to automate this process so that a closed ticket or sale in your system triggers an email to be sent out. We can show you how to do that so that you have an ongoing stream of valuable customer feedback.


Call Center: The context here is both for Telesales and Customer Care. After every customer interaction, you can capture feedback either by email, or via a phone-based survey.


In-App:  We have many clients who are very successful app makers, for both iPhone and Android. In fact, you’ve likely seen their ads on television. They want to understand the experience that their customers have while using their apps and, importantly, without leaving the app to do it.


Website:  Your prospects visit your website to consider becoming your customer. Once a customer, they continue to come back to your website for support and to access their account. Gathering feedback on your website is an important part of a holistic customer experience approach.


Join the multitude of customer experience professionals who are mapping their customer journey and implementing a comprehensive customer experience solution. Knowing your customers intimately, and on an ongoing basis, will help set your organization apart from your competition and help you improve loyalty and grow your business.


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