Customer Advocacy: What it is & How It Works

When does a person transition from a loyal customer to an advocate? Customer advocacy is a sophisticated strategy that varies by industry. It’s also becoming increasingly important, as customers will go out of their way to purchase from businesses that provide a better experience.

What is a customer advocacy strategy?

Customer advocacy is a business development strategy that prioritizes the customer experience. This strategy identifies what customers want and need. Then assists a company in putting those needs first when making critical brand decisions.

Implementing a Customer Advocacy Strategy can be of great value to companies since it allows them to constantly identify areas for improvement, which entitles them to achieve their goals more effectively.

Below we share the main reasons to implement this type of strategy as part of your internal processes and everything you need to know to do it right.

Why should Customer Advocacy Matter?

According to a recent study, only 12% of people believe a company when it says, “We put the customer first. But 42% of companies never conduct customer surveys or gather feedback.

What exactly does this imply? Companies claim to focus on their customers, but many fail to do so. Customers are well aware. Customers are more knowledgeable and equipped than ever before.

They share their online experiences and conduct research before making a purchase. With so many brands competing for attention, the customer gains power. Competition is why client advocacy is so crucial. Put your customers’ needs first. It increases their likelihood of remaining loyal and spreading the word about your brand.

Benefits of customer advocacy for business

Creating a customer-centric culture can bring significant benefits to your organization and your customers. Here we share a few:

1. Increases customer satisfaction and success

Customers who have a positive experience with you and your associates are more likely to become loyal customers and refer to your brand.

When people feel appreciated as customers, whether through exceptional customer service, high-quality products/services, or an advocacy program that educates and engages your target audience, your competition takes a back seat!

Any company, especially those with advocacy initiatives, should strive for a memorable brand experience. Your service must not only provide value. It should also be a pleasurable experience for customers to generate repeat business and promote referrals.

2. Promotes loyalty

Customer loyalty is another strategy to enhance marketing return on investment. Customer advocate programs help businesses build relationships with existing consumers. Help them gain their trust through social proof and increasing brand awareness.

3. Cuts down on churn

Customers who have participated in an advocacy program are there to help new and prospective clients. Advocates are customers who understand the buying process better than anyone else.

Understand your customer interactions with your company. It will help your company develop better customer success plans in the future. Again, happy customers mean higher retention and lower churn.

4. Enhanced Brand Recognition

Brand advocates are essential for new businesses. Not to be redundant, but your most devoted supporters are your customers. They are eager to share their positive brand experience with others.

Because they do not have a large marketing budget, it can be a great entry-level path to increased brand awareness, open to anyone willing to engage in a conversation with customers.

How to Improve Customer Advocacy

Client advocacy is more than good service. It’s all about the customer’s culture and history. However, client advocacy marketing is straightforward in theory. But it can be challenging to put into practice. This method has many dangers that organizations fall into. 

Focus on Customer Satisfaction

Do you want to stay competitive in a changing market? Customer advocacy programs are critical for business growth and success in today’s market. Customers are the lifeblood of your business. Thus it’s crucial to pay attention to their preferences and decisions.

With the increased visibility of client experiences on social media in real-time, it’s more crucial to develop outstanding relationships with your consumers. You may achieve this by offering them complete support from the moment they first contact you until they make a repeat purchase.

Collect Customer Feedback

You’ll need a thorough understanding of your customers to get started.

Using surveys to gather data and comments to develop a clear technique decreases the risk of getting the wrong image of how your customers feel. When it comes to building an effective advocacy program, having accurate data eliminates the guesswork.

Customer surveys are a simple and effective way. It ensures that the data you collect is consistent and thorough. As well as allows customers to submit positive and negative feedback.

Engage your customers actively

Don’t allow customer communication to become one-way. When someone asks a question, respond. If someone mentions your product, like and thank them.

You are not required to dominate the conversation. Simply be present, get to know your audience, and learn the customer’s voice.

Analyze your data

Understanding that you need data from your clients is the key to being successful in the client advocacy game. It’s not enough to provide them with excellent service. With more available information on your clients, your organization will have an easier time succeeding.

The goal of a client advocate approach is to focus on the customer’s needs. It evaluates every touchpoint, from the first point of contact with a client to after-sales services, to help a company achieve its goals and develop.

Companies must build client advocacy initiatives with data collection in mind. It enables businesses to increase the quality of their services and products without incurring extra money or effort. As a result, a company gets access to a large amount of customer feedback, which can only lead to improved services and customer success.

The data created by your advocacy program must be tracked and evaluated by customer success teams. A collection of valuable metrics is provided below.

  • Rates of conversion
  • The attrition rate of customers
  • Demographic information
  • Customer engagement
  • Net promoter scores

Referral programs for customers

Please show your appreciation to customers who are already telling their friends and family about you. Referral programs formalize and scale word of mouth. They make it simple for customers to refer others by providing them with unique referral codes and pre-filled templates and an appealing incentive for bringing in new business.


Buyers want to hear real-life stories. And if they listen to them from a reliable source, such as a partner or friend, they are more likely to trust the advice. When you get your brand’s champions talking about it, you expand your reach.

Customer Advocacy creates loyalty and stickiness. Yet, it all starts with your company’s investment in a customer-focused business model. A positive customer experience will ripple through the rest of your customer retention strategy.

How can QuestionPro help you boost your Customer Advocacy?

There are a large number of tools on the market; however, QuestionPro CX has been built by experts to meet the most specific needs that allow entrepreneurs and organizations to implement customer-centric strategies effectively.

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By using QuestionPro CX, you have access to various features. It is ideal for any of your needs, you also have access to a whole group of platforms and, most importantly, the support of a group of experts willing to support you to guarantee the success of your projects.

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