Customer Service Process: What is it & how to implement it

In an increasingly personalized world with more demanding prospects, a customer service process becomes essential to meeting these expectations. That is why we have created this short article where you will learn everything you need to know about this methodology and some ideas to start implementing it in your business to generate more satisfied and loyal customers.

Let’s start with the basics:

What is a Customer Service Process?

Customer Service Process is the name given to the series of steps and measures carried out to guarantee the satisfaction of people interested in acquiring any of the solutions or products our brand offers.

This type of process usually encompasses various methodologies and technologies to help business managers better understand consumer behavior and establish actions that guarantee that their expectations are met.

An important tool to carry out this type of evaluation in a more efficient and simple way is to support you in your Customer Journey, this will allow you to quickly visualize the touchpoints between you and your clients and determine if there is a process that has a focus on the improvement of each one of them.

Importance of a Customer Service Process

The relationship with customers is often a part that is not considered when trying to increase billing or achieve any goal you have. However, there is nothing that a customer values ​​more than an effective service that solves the inconveniences or concerns that arise during, before, and after purchasing a product with our company.

That is why creating a standardized process will allow you to lay the foundations in your organization to meet these types of expectations and chart the path to follow when interacting with customers to guarantee a positive experience.

This brings with it many direct and indirect benefits, ranging from higher morale in your team to an increase in your turnover, thanks to the level of conversion and retention.

Other benefits of having Customer Service backed by a process are:

  • Improve brand perception
  • Improve your presence and score on customer review sites
  • Encourage word-of-mouth marketing by promoters
  • Improve your customer retention rate
  • Increase billing and facilitate upselling and cross-selling
  • Better customer satisfaction

Steps to create or improve your Customer Service Process

To establish a customer service process for your company, it is necessary to think about the needs and objectives, which may vary depending on your industry and the services you offer, however, there are certain steps that you can follow to guarantee a constant process of monitoring and improvement in the how your customers are being served.

1- Evaluate your current process

If you have a current process, it is best to evaluate it and define whether it needs to be rebuilt or start from scratch. You can do this by analyzing each stage separately and identifying the impact it is having on the quality of service you are offering.

  • Does this have a direct impact on the experience that our customers are experiencing?
  • Are there actions directly related to the result?
  • Does the investment of human time make sense with the benefits obtained?
  • Is there any methodology or platform that can make this more efficient?

These are just some of the questions you can ask yourself when evaluating your current plan, being honest with yourself and having data to support your answers will be key when deciding which parts to keep and which to replace.

2- Set your goals and KPIs

Any process needs clear objectives and metrics that allow its performance to be evaluated. In the area of ​​Customer Service there are many KPIs that can be very useful when detecting failures and opportunities at each stage of your customer service process.

These KPIs may vary depending on the industry, but these are just some of the most used by most companies:
Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT):

Most of them have specific methodologies behind them, so understanding them and learning from them will allow you to choose the most appropriate ones for your customer service process.

3- Select the right platforms and software

Much of this work does not have to be executed by a huge team of people investing their time day and night for the evaluation and execution of the process. In fact, it can be set up by a few professionals if the right tools are used.

Currently, there are platforms such as QuestionPro CX that allow you to evaluate your entire customer service process from start to finish almost automatically and constantly.

It will also make it easier for you to establish a new process since they have very intuitive interfaces and features that make the adoption and monitoring of new methodologies easier for everyone involved.

We invite you to learn more about our customer experience management platform here:

4- Involve and train your employees

There is no more important link between your customers and your company than your employees. They are the ones who best know how both parties interact and relate, so learning from them and listening to their voice should be an integral part when implementing any process.

With an employee feedback survey, you can easily collect their opinions, having an open channel of communication will also help them express themselves openly and can offer improvements and ideas to this process.

Also, make sure you train them correctly once you have the defined process to achieve a correct execution of the plan and that the results are favorable.

5- Establish a continuous improvement protocol

Creating a customer service process is not a plan that must be created and executed once, it must be a constantly evolving path, so adding a continuous improvement process is something that you should definitely consider seriously.

This will allow you to constantly be evaluating each step in your customer service to detect new opportunities and identify possible failures, which are usually more common than you imagine.

In addition, the constant improvement and monitoring of KPIs are key parts of guaranteeing better service and satisfaction.

Clever! We hope that all this information has resolved a couple of doubts and has given you some ideas on how to start your Customer service process. Remember that at QuestionPro CX we have all the features and help you need to keep your customers happy and build loyalty between them and your brand.

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