10 Best Customer Journey Mapping Tools

How many times have you questioned yourself if you really know your customers? What is the interaction of your customers with your brand? Would you like to break down each of the parts of the shopping experience as well as the purchase decision and the attention it receives afterward? Let’s talk about the best customer journey mapping tools.

What are Customer Journey Mapping tools?

Customer Journey Mapping tools are platforms specially built to help you define and visually represent the journey that your customers take when interacting with diverse aspects of your brand.

Using tools like the ones we’ll recommend in this article, allows you to better visualize your customer journey, understand the behavior of your buyer personas and real users to plan improvements, evaluations, and actions that ultimately lead you to positively impact your business with more happy (and loyal!) customers.

In this article, we’ve rounded up 10 different customer journey mapping tools that will help you create customer journey maps that fit your needs as well as your budget.

Top 10 most effective Customer Journey Mapping tools

You must analyze the positive and negative touchpoints to complete the customer journey and ensure that your customers are completely satisfied. Discover some of the best tools to create a customer journey map and improve each of the steps customers go through:

  1. Canvanizer: 360-degree mapping

It’s a customer mapping software that reviews different areas of your organization and includes customer focus. Canvanizer is a tool that aims to allow the development, brainstorming, and structuring of ideas and concepts as a canvas.

Depending on the type of project, you should be able to choose between different templates or start from scratch with a blank canvas. The main advantage is that it’s a free tool.


We invite you to learn more about the Customer Journey Canva.


  1. Smaply: A customer approach

Smaply is software to trace the customer journey map to support defining a prospect’s phases and integrating the customer approach into your business. With Smaply you can create, share and present your customer journey maps.

You might be able to understand your customer’s experience, needs, weaknesses in the purchase chain, and feelings that your brand can provoke when interacting.


Are you considering using this tool? Before making a decision, we invite you to read: Smaply Alternative.


  1. Miro: Agile remote team-work

Miro helps create, collaborate, and centralize communication for cross-functional teamwork. This tool features a toolset for user story or customer journey mapping, wireframing, roadmap, sprint planning, or retrospectives. 

As it allows remote working, it might be less challenging for teams to work together with the changing way of operating.

miro platform

  1. Custellence: Appealing and effective

You can create travel maps with Custellencia. It offers a user interface to build customer maps. It also provides service blueprints, user maps, customer journey maps, customer service maps, and experience maps for small or large organizations.

The product team can add cards using drag and drop and workflow for a considerate journey. Create empathy lines and curves with a flexible map structure that shows customers’ efforts and emotions.

  1. Gliffy: Plenty of features

Gliffy is a web editor used for creating and editing diagrams. Although Gliffy is a bit too lightweight for highly technical diagrams, especially those that require collaboration to draft, it offers plenty of simple features, such as Venn diagrams and organization charts

With a free account, you can only make a total of five diagrams, and all diagrams you make are public. This means that if you need to draw something sensitive, such as company network maps, using the free version is not advised.

  1. UXPressia: Analyze touchpoints

UXPressia is a cloud customer experience management platform that helps teams visualize, share, present and improve their customer journeys. They offer features like real-time online collaboration for multiple users, integrations with a variety of data sources, and a modern interface with an intuitive drop-in environment.

In addition to journey mapping, UXPressia also offers Flexible Customer/Buyer Public Image and Impact Map builders and a variety of pre-built templates with the ability to build and share property templates across the organization.

uxpressia customer journey tool

Are you considering using this tool? Before making a decision, we invite you to read: Uxpressia Alternative.


  1. Lucidchart: Implement appropriate solutions

Lucidchart offers multiple solutions, one of which is to create a customer journey by mapping each phase it goes through and empathize more than ever with the prototype customer. 

This is a perfect option for creating detailed customer experience diagrams and laterally increasing customer engagement.

best customer journey tool 2022

  1. Microsoft Visio: Making complex diagrams easy

Microsoft Visio software is used to create a variety of diagrams and flowcharts. With this visualization tool, users can create simple or more complex customer data diagrams. It also offers a wide variety of built-in shapes, objects, and templates to work with. 

The main goal of ​​Visio is to make diagramming as easy as possible for the user. 

Note: This is a Microsoft product, sold as an add-on to MS Office.

  1. OmniGraffle: Neat mapping

OmniGraffle, by OmniGroup, is a diagramming tool that can be used for everything from page layout to interior design. With this tool, users can create neat and accurate customer journey maps that can be shared with colleagues. 

Everyone from professional artists and designers to casual data mappers and beginning diagrammers can use OmniGraffle. What makes OmniGraffle great is how easy it is to get started.

  1. Touchpoint: 100% flexible travel maps

This customer experience map tool or SaaS helps you create maps in different ways, goal-oriented, providing objectives and allowing you to analyze the phases, share them with all the members of your department, and review all the angles of the customer journey when coming into contact with your brand, acquire a product or service and much more.

There are also various customer experience map templates in formats such as PowerPoint, but generally, these tools mentioned in the post already have some of the work ahead of them and provide another value when it comes to data mapping out a customer-centric strategy.

Other Customer Journey Mapping Tools

We have listed the main tools on the market, but if you want to go further, here are other tools that are used by some professionals to create their customer journey mapping tool:

1.- Canvas
2.- Fresko
3.– PowerPoint / Google Slides
4.- Salesforce Pardot
5.- CloudCherry

What Makes a Customer Journey Mapping Tool Great?

There are many options and alternatives in the market, however, a good customer journey mapping tool must have minimum requirements to satisfy any basic need, below we will name some of them for you to consider when making your choice.

1.- Intuitiveness and Adaptability: Learning to use a new tool is always difficult, however, thanks to advances in user research and the emergence of no-code solutions, it is becoming easier to adopt new technologies in your processes. When choosing your customer journey map, make sure that the platform has an interesting UX/UI as well as that the product has support material or guides that allow you to start using it easily.

2.- Attractive design tools: A customer journey is a visual representation, therefore the graphic part plays a crucial role when creating yours. A good journey mapping tool should offer you all the appropriate design tools to capture in a clear and attractive way all the information you want to include to clearly explain your customers’ journey in your business process.

3.- Resources: Many current platforms offer their users a long list of pre-built and customizable resources so you can build your own customer journey in detail very easily. This will allow you to create better maps at a higher speed, without neglecting the functional aspect of this type of methodologies.

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