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Promoter Amplification

Promoter Amplification is a strategy to take advantage of all the satisfied customers who are incredibly loyal to a particular brand by offering them an option to share their opinions and feedback via social media, review websites or testimonial on the company website.

Every individual feels energized and motivated to spread a positive word about some awesome experiences. He/she will talk big about their pleasant experiences and amplify the value of an organization in more ways than one. Dr. Fred Reichheld, the creator of Net Promoter Score, calls these loyal supporters - Promoters.

Using the Net Promoter Score, a researcher asks this question to all the customers: “Considering your complete experience with our company, how likely would you be to recommend us to a friend or colleague?”

Respondents divided into 3 categories: Promoters, Passives, and Detractors. Those respondents who rate 9-10 are called Promoters and are highly likely to recommend a brand to their network, those who rate 7-8 are called Passives couldn’t care less about the brand and those who rate between 0-6 are called Detractors will make sure they spread a bad word for a brand.

Promoters have absolute trust in a brand and will make purchases only from those brands that they rely on. These customers will be honest about any scope of improvements and will guide in recognizing new business avenues.

Importance of taking immediate advantage of positive feedback

TEvery positive customer journey has to be encashed as soon as it happens. Irrespective of the medium of communication with the customers such as in a store, via the organization’s website, over a phone conversation etc., it is important to implement a CX solution that offers options to these customers to spread a word about their positive experiences. According to a lead research firm, immediate customer feedback collection will be almost 40% more accurate than if it is done 24 hours after the experience.

Offer instant sharing options

Once a respondent is done submitting his/her feedback via online or offline mediums, a pleasantry such as thank you can go a long way to form an emotional connection with them. This is where you introduce social sharing links which will prompt a promoter to share their experiences with their friends and colleagues.

There are 4 offered mediums where Promoters can share feedback with their network.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Trip Advisor
  • Yelp

Customers testifying their positive experiences on social media or review websites will be much more impactful than an organization broadcasting and boasting about their own products/services. Efforts put in promoter amplification will add more value to a brand that no other source can bring onboard. Prompting promoters to share their experiences with their friends and family is an awesome medium to enhance business.