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NPS score measures customer experience. It is an index ranging from -100 to 100 that helps organizations understand the willingness of their customers to recommend a brand to their family or friends. NPS is used to know the overall satisfaction of customers and gauge their loyalty towards a brand.

Net Promoter Score Calculation

Customers are asked NPS question, “On a scale from 0-10 how likely are you to recommend our brand to your family, friends or colleagues?”

Based on the responses and the number chosen on the scale, there are 3 categories of customers:

0-6 Detractors: They are least likely to recommend a brand to their family or friends, in fact, they might even spread a negative word of mouth.
7-8 Passives: They may or may not recommend your brand, but can also get influenced by your competitors.
9-10 Promoters: They are your loyal customers. They are not only the ones who make purchases or use your services but also recommend your brand to their family and friends. These customers are least likely to get distracted to go to another brand.

Detractor Recovery

The voice of customer can be heard through a variety of different platforms like interviews, focus groups etc. However, with the technological advancements, VoC can be conducted on a much larger scale because of the internet.

Online surveys, emails, SMS, social media platform help you gather customer feedback. This helps you build a complete picture of the experience you are delivering to each of your customers.

Once this information is obtained in a statistical data format, this information can be delivered to the business or organizations so they can make informed decisions.

Why is the Voice of Customer important?

customer satisfaction and customer experience play an important role in managing the brand image. Best in class companies have one thing in common, they follow up with their dissatisfied customers immediately. The goal is not only to save customer churn but also to avoid the spread of negative word of mouth by the dissatisfied customers.

In this technology-driven age where social media platforms are quite active, a negative reaction can reach millions at the click of a button. Therefore, it is important to follow up immediately with your most dissatisfied clients. At QuestionPro we call this process as “Detractor Recovery.”

QuestionPro NPS Survey Detractor Recovery is a comprehensive mechanism that allows companies to automatically receive negative feedback and take immediate action.


4 Steps to Detractor Recovery

  • Connect with detractors immediately: Connect with detractors immediately, reach out to them via emails or phone calls. Once the reason for dissatisfaction is known immediate corrective measures can be taken to rectify the issue.
  • Be polite and understanding: Try and understand what their issues are and what is leading a customer to dissatisfaction. While communicating with detractors, be polite and humble. At the same time try and avoid making them defensive. If additional information is needed to rectify the issue, do ask them in a manner that doesn’t test their patience.
  • Correct mistakes: If the mistakes are big, recovery mechanism has to be bigger. The recovery mechanism has to very good, else the focus remains on the mistakes. Your customers want to know if you care about them or not and if the feedback given by them is put to good use. Listening is a great way of telling them that they are valued.
  • Address the root cause of the problem: If the problem is identified, address the root cause of the problem. Find a foolproof solution to the problem and communicate it to detractors and make sure the mistake is not repeated.

As an organization, we love to celebrate the joys of a amazing customer experience. But, we also understand that mistakes can happen. However, to rectify these mistake and provide a great customer journey is what we aim at QuestionPro. This is what we want to help other businesses do!