We recently rolled out a feature which enables QuestionPro users to embed a survey question in an email.

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Why did we build this?

Until Emails die, people will still check their emails for the foreseeable future.  Improving a survey’s response rate should have two main focuses; increasing email clicks and reducing survey dropouts.  To increase email clicks, the perceived barrier to filling out a survey should be minimal.  One way to do this is to include the single most important question in the email itself.

Opening up an email and taking an action on the email content are two different things and are two distinct user interactions.  As a marketer, you include call-to-actions in an email.  Now, market researchers can have a better call to action by embedding the survey question visually in an email.

4 Best practices for embedding a survey question

1.  Choose a graphically prominent question type.  An example would be to use an NPS question instead of a Presentation text if it’s applicable.

2. Ensure that the question text gives enough context and that the user doesn’t have to read it twice

3. Don’t bait and switch.  Typically you embed a single question and if there are many more follow-on questions, respondents will feel that you tricked them with a bait survey question.  Ideally, limit the follow-on questions to 5 or less.

4. Don’t forget to personalize the email.  This could be by using the respondent’s name or with your thank you note at the bottom.

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Please note that this feature is currently available only on the Enterprise version of Questionpro and you can talk to your onboarding expert if you are interested.

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