Donald Trump Needs An Insights Community

Donald Trump’s unprecedented presidential campaign is coming to an end. With about a week before the election, allegations and questionable comments are still present. Whether you agree or disagree with Donald Trump’s words and actions, you can agree that we’ve never seen anything quite like this during an election. However, polls are still showing that the popular vote in the presidential campaign is still a tight race. This got me thinking that if Donald Trump had an insights community, would this be enough to help him win the election?

community insights trump

Well, this is for sure it couldn’t hurt. If Donald Trump truly wants to ‘Make America Great Again’, he would get an insights community to help him with his campaign. This insights community would be able to give him the specific feedback he needs to help shape his words and actions. A community would be made up of surveys and polls about specific events or issues important to the American people. There would be an ideation module where the members could post ideas and other members could vote the idea up or down. This is true crowdsourcing of ideas and open feedback. This would give Trump the valuable information and insights to help guide him through the campaign process.

Now one could argue that it wouldn’t matter as he’d need to apply the feedback and put it into action. Well, this is true for any feedback or data collected. Unless it’s acted on or used, it’s useless. So he’d have to apply it and if the community is made up of the right group of members and he’s at least semi-interested in the idea, it would help him and his campaign. Another factor that would help him make use of the insights community would be if it’s filled with advisors, mentors, and people that Donald Trump trusts. Then he’d be more likely to listen to and put data from the community into action. This principle is true for any community. It’s only as good as the mix of members in a community.

There’s one thing that’s for sure, if Donald Trump had an insights community and applied the feedback, he’d be in a better position during the final week of the election. It just might be enough to propel him to victory given how close the candidates are in the polls. The engagement, feedback, and two-way conversation that his team could have had in a community could be a real difference maker. This simple yet robust tool may have made all the difference in his campaign and in the end a difference in who was elected president.

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