If you are an organization looking to offer rewards in exchange for feedback or just need to hear from a particular person once, then you will want to keep things fair for everyone by making sure that respondents can’t take your survey multiple times.

The Setup

There are two ways you can apply to stop a person from taking a survey more than once.

  1. Go to Edit » Settings » scroll down to multiple responding and select the “Only allow the survey to be taken once (prevents ballot box stuffing)” button.
  2. If you are using custom variables in the survey URL, then you can prevent them from taking the survey multiples times by turning on “Use a custom variable to identify responses” and selecting the variable number being used in the survey URL.

The end result will be that when a person has completed the survey, they can no longer access the URL link to retake it.

stop respondents from taking a survey more than once

The message a respondent will see when they are attempting to retake a survey that has multiple responding disabled:

stop respondents from taking a survey more than once

To learn more about multiple responses per responses and how to apply security settings, reach out to our sales team and we’ll be happy to answer all of your survey setting questions.