Map On Your Dashboard – Know Where Responses Are Coming From

Map On Your Dashboard  - Know Where Responses Are Coming FromLet’s say I have an online handicraft store, which ships items all across the globe. Once the items get delivered,  a customer satisfaction survey is sent out. It becomes very difficult, if not impossible for me to know- which responses are coming from what country. It would answer many of my questions and give me valuable insights if I could track that. Is it possible? Yes,  QuestionPro has exactly what I need and what you’re probably  looking for too!


After collecting the data from your survey, go to the reports tab and click on Dashboard. There you will see the World Map on Dashboard which will show the Response Distribution. The countries highlighted in blue are the ones where people have taken your survey.


Next to the map on the dashboard, you can see the table with the country/state codes and the percentage of responses collected.

This looks cool! I have gathered the majority of my survey responses  from US and Europe. Is there a way I can view the map of US or Europe only? Yes, below the map are the options of  – World, US and Europe. Click on the options you wish to view and it will show you the only the selected region on the map.

Great! Do I also get to know the number of responses per country / state? When you hover the mouse over any region, it will give you the count and percentage of responses from that particular region. Also, if you apply any filter to the dashboard, the filter would be applied to the map as well.


Voila! With this how you view your map on the dashboard, to analyze valuable insights, which will lead you to better business decisions!